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Who are we?


gabriel catania

GCP Group is above all a combination of the best skills and resources in corporate governance and management.

Our motto could be: “There is strength in unity and success is contagious”.

Our ambition is simply to accelerate, with care, the realization of our members’ ambitions.

Gabriel Catania


Our story

It is in the wake of the activities of GC Partner Consulting and particularly with the acquisition of Wallonie Expo (WEX), that GCP Group was effectively born. Since then,many acquisitions and creations of companies have taken place, most of which are still part of the Group and are listed on our homepage. In 2012, in recognition of our know-how in mergers and acquisitions, we receivedle Grand Prix Wallon for Entrepreneurship in the “Takeover” category.

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gcp consulting

Our approach

We act as an atypical, active, interventionist and responsible investor.We look for companies or projects that can capitalize on the skills and resources within the Consulting division or companies with potential synergies with our other divisions.

We often acquire majority stake and we distinguish ourselves from traditional ‘Private equity’ by an active, strategic and operational involvement in the management of these investments.

Our profile

Cross-functionality and collaboration are part of our culture. Our competent resources in consulting and management (human resources, finance, administrative, accounting and legal support, ….) are an asset, at the disposal of the various business units within the GCP group.

Our values are illustrated by three mottos:

“We do things seriously without taking ourselves seriously” :

The importance of the customer is emphasized and so is the humility necessary to serve him effectively.

“The devil lays in the details and the genius is in the synthesis”:

The quality and finesse of the analysis must lead to a clear synthesis for quick decision making and efficient execution.

“Never underestimate resistance to change”:

All improvement requires change. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us are strongly attached to our habits and are reluctant to abandon them, even in the perspective of improvement.

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Pierre GCP Group